Burps and more...

How many of you know 5 year olds that can make themselves burp? I didn't figure that one out until I was about 12. Chris can't even do it, though he does have talents all his own. Douglas is such a 5 year old. After drinking sprite he began a minute long series of burps. I told him to say "excuse me", but it was pointless saying it after each one, all along knowing that he obviously didn't understand what "excuse me" really meant. What does "excuse me" really mean after all? We all have to use those words that are meant to beg those around us for forgiveness for the unpleasantness that may have passed. Those things happen, but don't you think that maybe saying excuse me is really just a last hope that the other people won't realize that some humans occasionally do foul things? Anyway, I still continue to encourage the use of "excuse me" with my children, even if, in their case, it's the thought that counts. Baby steps to propriety...

Eunice: Don't you know the meaning of propriety?

Judy: Propriety? Noun. Conformity to established standards of behavior or manners, suitability, rightness, or justice. See "etiquette." (What's up Doc?)

Another talent I've discovered with child numero tres is the ability to scream at an unusually high pitch. Reed is the originator of this skill and has since passed it onto Isaac, who in a short time has mastered it. He performs mostly in public places like the grocery store and church. But it's especially painful when he does it in the car or the house. I went through the MacDonald's drive thru the other day with the boys (yes I needed a diet coke). They were all a little frazzled and when I arrived at the pick up window. Isaac decided to let his sentiments be known with the loudest scream ever, causing the "order lady" to say "Good Lord, what was that?!" The poor lady probably didn't need that and neither did I. My ears are still ringing from the experience. I hate to say it, but it's kind of nice when Isaac gets a mild case of laryngitis. When he does this at home I send him to his room , but what do you do when it happens in the car?! I've thought of pulling over and just getting out of the car until he finishes. Any ideas anyone?

Reed has been pretty angelic minus getting into "mine" wars with Isaac. They fight over who the owner of the large diggers on our road are. "My digger!" ; "No it's mine!" and it goes back and forth like that till mommy goes nuts and says that it's her digger! Reed is especially sneaky. He's very quiet when he's getting into something that he knows he shouldn't. Yesterday he came outside and asked if he could play my clarinet. I said not right now and not to get into it. He then said, "oh, I guess I better go put it back in the case."

It seems that all I ever talk about is my kids and husband. I do it because they are the most wonderful part of my life. I'm feel so blessed to have such adorable people in my life and constant entertainment. Who needs to go to a comedy club? Just have kids, the ride is a lot more fun! And if you don't have any of your own, go and borrow some from a friend for an hour of entertainment.

The next door neighbor kid teaching the other kids how to play black jack, oh great!


Many things I'd like to mention (ooh, the way I just formed that sentence was very Yoda-like.) First, how can such a sweet innocent looking boy holding a flower create such noises as you describe? Is it really possible? ;) Second, what are you doing blogging at 6:30 in the morning?!?! Probably the SAME thing I'm doing when I post mine at midnight...or later!
Such a fun blog. Thank you for sharing it with me. I'm going to have to add you to our "Sites I Stalk" list!

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