Roads, turkeys, ostriches, and hair picks, need I say more?

The boys and I were out running errands this morning and as we travel, all 8 of our eyes see about all there is to see and point it out to each other. “I see an airplane!”, “Look at that monster truck!”, or “Macdonalds! Can I have a kids meal?! NO!” A while ago Chris was on his way to cub scouts with our future cub scouts when they saw a bunch of turkeys crossing the road. Chris said something like “look at those turkeys”. Reed then chimed in and clarified that those were not turkeys but medium ostriches. So, from this example you can see their clarity and understanding of the things one sees while driving.

Anyway….about today, we drove past a guy who was sitting on a bench at a bus stop. He was dressed in the certain style beloved by people who like pulling their pants up all day long. He had decided to finish the look off by leaving his comb in his hair. The boys and I all speculated on the need for the comb being there and concluded that it was probably just stuck and that he couldn’t get it out. Douglas then added his further insight by letting us know that: “Girls get their combs stuck in their hair all the time but when it happens they put flowers over the comb so you can’t tell it’s there. And sometimes when they have a metal comb stuck in their hair they put flower magnets on it to hide it.” Wow, this 5 year old boy’s understanding of girl’s hair problems is quite astounding.


Brynn said…
Brian and I had a good laugh with this post. Your boys are certainly observant! :)
Welch Mom said…
Cute! How funny and how great you can share their thoughts!

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